BD Dual Illumination

Stainless steel pressel and stainless steel halo
Illumination of halo & tactile legend in Red & Blue
Pressel backward compatible with original BF range
EN81-70 compliant
Round (shape K halo), Red/Blue illumination, 24v buttons kept in stock

Part No: DMG/BDS24BRS/(advise legend)

STOCK:- 1, B, 0, G, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, DOP, DCP Alarm, Arrow, Up/Down Arrow Raised exit floors: 0

Pushbuttons & Fixtures

Other legends, Square shape buttons & blue or amber illumination are available – 4 WEEK DELIVERY.

New colours have been introduced into the range BLUE/WHITE & WHITE/WHITE, please contact Sales for further details  (minimum order quantity applies)


Structure polycarbonate
Mounting 3mm projecting through faceplate
Fixing Frontal mounting fixed by screw-cut ring.
Fixing thickness 0.8mm-5mm
Pushbutton 1.8mm stroke
Wiring Wires screwed on terminals
Illumination 4 red LED
Life 2500000 operations
Protection IP51 (dust & vertical water fall)
Contacts 2 changeover contacts

Please contact us for further information.

PDF BD Buttons

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