Folding Car Doors

Folding Door

The Fermator Flat Model 4 Leaf Folding Car Door Solution, mechanically replaces the Aljo Busmatic

Available in various clear openings/heights, complete with electronic control card (C4T), stainless steel door panels with vision panels, bottom track & door shoes.

Folding Door

There are 2 models available  -  ASHMOUNT MODEL & REUS MODEL

ASHMOUNT MODEL – door panels are based on a clear opening of 2000mm (2015mm between the tracks). 

REUS MODEL  – door panels are based on a clear opening of 1985mm (2000mm between the tracks)

Please refer to flat folding door height sizes PDF below.

Ashmount Model Door sets with a clear opening of 800 x 2000 (overall 850mm) are available from stock for immediate despatch

220v to 240vac supply


SImple Signalling

Door operation requires signalling between 17V-240VAC/DC Open/Close/Common (if an open signal is not available, th C4T card can be configured to operate on a door close/ramp lift signal only)

Signalling back to the controller consists of car gate contact only

No door limits back to the controller given as everything is taken care of by the C4T Card.

Folding Doors


For a copy of the latest Fermator Technical Catalogue please contact the sales office alternatively click on Fermator’s concise website

For the Fermator Range of Door Spares please refer to the Spares Section

PDF Folding Cabin Doors
PDF Flat folding door height sizes
PDF NEW folding door manual installation Oct 08

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Automatic Door Reversal On Detecting Obstruction.


C4T Card Functions:

  • Rocker power on/off switch
  • Test push button to cycle doors
  • LED to show working operation
  • Timer relay- can be used in controller circuit to add after the doors are closed to allow ramp to clear

Optional mechanical ramp
Can be added to the side of the door operator that is operated by the movement of the doors