Mars Lift Car


The MARS design offers popular brushed stainless steel.

LIFT CAR WALLS – Self Supporting Linished Stainless Steel

FRONT RETURNS – Linished Stainless Steel

DOOR PANELS – Linished Stainless Steel

SKIRTING – Linished Stainless Steel

CAR OPERATING PANEL – Linished Stainless Steel

CEILING & LIGHTING – Painted White w ith Direct Lighting by Halogen Spotlights (Option: suspended ceiling can be fitted)

Mars Lift Car


HANDRAIL – One off 40mm Diameter Tubular Stainless Steel Handrail located on any wall

VENTILATION – Natural (Option: Forced Ventilation Fan)

MIRROR – A Mirror can be provided in either a natural or tinted finish in various sizes (Option)

The car construction complies with the requirements of Directive 95/16/EC
The car & landing buttons with position/movement indicators and audio/visual indications, satisfy the latest requirements for lifts used by disabled people.

Further features to comply with DDA and Part M Building Regulations are available as an option.

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PDF Mars Car Lift Specification


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