Montanari Sheave Brake

European Directive 95/16/CE requires that lift car movement be controlled in ascent. EN81 covers this requirement under Clause 9.10 and Montanari offer a range of machines which control ascent with a brake on the traction sheave shaft as part (D) in clause 9.10.4.

Advantages For Modernisation

  • Eliminates the need for a new safety gear as brake provides ascent control
  • Existing guide rails can be reused as there are no additional stresses during braking
  • Fitting is quick and easy as brake comes mounted on the new machine
  • No need for new expensive, heavy bi-directional tension weight

Advantages over Rope Brake Type System – Sheave Brake Fitted Direct To Machine

  • No additional builders work or structural changes required
  • No special fabrications or special mounting requirements


The brakes are of a passive type and are applied when the voltage is cut. The lift must be fitted with an electrical security device which cuts the voltage in the event of excessive speed in ascent. Normally this device is the speed governor which activates the safety gear on the lift car.

Signal required from control system to apply sheave brake when lift stopped and fused power supply and signals required for PWM Module.

  • Sheave Brake is supplied with a PWM Brake Signal Booster Module
  • Sheave Brake is TUV Certified

MACHINE LEAD TIMES FROM 6 WEEKS (dependent on model)

Sheare Brake

PDF Technical Data – Brake

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