Global Robusta

Developed by Fermator & Global, to enable us to offer heavy duty, heavy usage door systems, in line with the expectation and demand of the UK lift industry.
GLOBAL ROBUSTA are high spec, heavy duty doors for Modernisation.


  • Low consumption and high performance powerful permanent magnet motor.
  • VVVF5 drive, front mounted (available with extension leads for car top positioning).
  • The operator, motor, VVVF drive and all associated components are contained
  • within the same thickness chassis as the door panels and sill below.
  • Very heavy duty rolled steel top track.
  • Die cast heavy duty clutch (fixing positions & dimensions are compatible with Industry standards).
  • Large drive wheel for maximum torque.
  • Double “standard” width drive belt.
  • Adjustable rubber stoppers on the hangers.
  • Easily accessed oilers.
  • Heavy duty polyamide tyred rollers in steel hangers (compatible with industry standards).
  • Large idler wheel.
  • Car door locking available as option.


  • Heavy duty rolled steel top track (fixing positions & dimensions compatible with industry standards).
  • Adjustable rubber stoppers on the hangers.
  • Heavy duty steel hangers with polyamide large tyred hanger rollers (fixing positions & dimensions compatible with industry standards).
  • Steel pick up roller base & rubber tyred pickup rollers & bearings
  • Bias weight closer ensuring consistent force (sill mounted spring closer available – not recommended)
  • Mechanical linkage available on 2pso if required in lieu of air cord system
  • Easily accessed rollers
  • Adjustable linkage arm

DOOR PANELS (optional)

  • Heavy duty with integrated sight guard
  • 2 door shoes & anti vandal kicking plate on landings
  • Available in a variety of finishes
  • 3 Year Global Warranty
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