ROBUSTA – Heavy Duty Local Authority Doors Modernisation

Robusta HA car setrobusta HA operatorRobusta HA Landings


A long awaited product to enhance our door range for Heavy Duty / Local Authority.

The Robusta is available as a complete Car & Landing System

In addition it can be used with just tracks, closers, locks & hangers with an option of adding frames, headers, door panels and full depth architraves.

Using the latest Fermator VVVF system with permanent magnet motor, we can offer the latest in door technology together with incorporating the heavy duty mechanical requirements of many
Industry specifications.

  • Heavy duty track profile
  • Suitable for modernisation of existing GAL doors
  • Large hanger rollers & tyred upthrust rollers
  • Track cleaning brush
  • Dimensionally compatible with other Industry Standards
  • Robust Lock
  • Increased belt dimension
  • Available with air-cord system or mechanical door linkage
  • Gravity weight closer for consistent closing forces
  • Option for car door zone locking
  • Ultra slim operator with permanent magnet motor
  • All operator mechanisms and equipment within the width of the door panels
  • Simple front mounting on the car
  • Centre parting models available with single or double clutch arrangement
  • Available as complete entrance with door panels & frame in a variety of finishes


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