Universal Encoders

Suitable for LIP D43 & MPI D55 DMG Indicators

The DEUM.M16 allows the DMG programmable display series and CARUSO voice synthesizer to be connected to many types of control panels.

Main specification:
  • Up to 16 inputs
  • Direction arrows (same common wire as for floor inputs
  • DMG 4 wire serial bus output
  • Type of input protocols:                             1 line/floor/segment – Binary/Grey 6 bit
  • Opto-insulated, non polarised inputs, rated for voltages from 12 to 120v AC/DC
  • Possibility to automatically manage a floor detection kit independent from the control panel.  The encoder can thus provide details about the position of the car, its direction and send floor messages
  • Self diagnosis: internal LED + message on position indicator
  • Trigger input for voice synthesizer/gong

PDF Encoder

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