fermator group

The Company

Fermator Group is the world’s leading mono-product manufacturer of automatic doors for lifts.  

As partner companies, Fermator and Global provide the highest level of quality and service to our Customers.

With headquarters in Spain and production plants located in France, Italy, Poland, Greece, India, China, Brazil and United States, the Fermator Group responds effectively to the demands of all markets, resulting in a major worldwide market share in more than 90 countries.

Since 1994 Fermator and Global have made major investments in the U.K. market.   

The ROBUSTA & SOVEREIGN range of doors are designed specifically to meet the high demands of consultant performance specifications and the U.K. is recognised as a flagship market throughout the Fermator organisation.  

We continue to listen to our Customer’s needs and are committed to continued investment to ensure that we can always offer the right door for the right application.


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