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Model SG48 / SG48F/HF (with fan kit)
Rated Torque 720 Nm SG48F (s3 40%)
Braking Torque 2 x 600 Nm (F) 2 x 850 Nm (HF)
Power Range (min - max) 4.1 kW - 23.4 kW
Maximum Static Load 34.3 kN - 3500 kg
Maximum Weight 324 kg (F) 364 kg (HF)
Motor Rated Voltage 360 V - 208 V

key benefits


High performance magnets (NdFeB) with patented mechanical fixing technology to ensure correct positioning throughout operation.

Magnets coated for extra corrosive protection.

This gives increased life cycle when compared to industry standard form of uncoated magnets fixed by the traditional glued fixing method.



Sicor electromagnetic design allows fully automated winding manufacturing assuring consistent product quality.

20/28/30 Pole machines for optimal motor control.



Heidenhain ECN1313 encoder supplied as standard.

Wide range of other encoders available on request to match feedback for inverter.

Encoder always recessed within the brake to prevent any type of damage and to ensure the maximum compactness.



Cast iron machine case ensuring maximum strength, acoustic dampening and reduced vibration.

Case with cooling fins to provide optimum heat exchange.



Wide range of traction sheaves (diameter 120 ... 600 mm) made of hardened steel (hardness> 50HRC) or ductile iron EN-GJS-700-2-UNI EN 1563 (hardness> 250HB) can be easily removed.



Mayr brake supplied as standard for ease of set up and maintenance.

Brakes certified according to the new Lift Directive 2014/33 / EU, EN81-20, EN81-50 as part of the protection system against overspeed for the car moving in upward direction and braking element against unintended car movement.



Kit can be easily retro fitted to add ventilation at later date to improve performance of machine if the building usage changes.



Raft design to accommodate Customer and site requirements.


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